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We are Le Desiré. We thoughtfully create candles and diffusers designed to complete your space.
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Designed & Created in Australia

Designed & Created in Australia

Since 2004, Le Desiré has been an industry-leading, family-owned company renowned for innovative lifestyle ideas, aromatic enhancements and the highest standards of quality in home fragrance devises.

Now in the mature stage of our brand, the Le Desiré family has continued to develop the unique essences and design the extraordinary products locally, like the triple-scented, chemical free, soy wax candles and the essential oils-based room diffusers.

Delight your senses and uplift your soul with Le Desire.

Invigorate your spaces with Le Desire’s range of aromatherapy fragrances, tailored with pure ingredients to give you a luxuriously aromatic experience every day. Our range of bespoke collections of soy wax candles, reed diffusers, and essential oils has something special for every mood and home. Elevate your wellness with holistic sensorial bliss with aromatic goodness inspired by the world around us.

Our Customers Love Us

Yes! I was lucky enough to come across these beautiful desire candles. I ended up with the Tabasco blossom Saffron cacao. Amazing!! And I'm usually pretty fussy when it comes to candle scents. Candles done right.

Ordered online, arrived to my door next morning! Amazing long lasting scents!

I recently brought a few candles from the Aromatherapy section and as soon as I opened the box, the smell was incredible. When my friends come in, they have all commented on the smell of my home thanks to Le Desire! These candles are exceptionally good value for money and last great! Not only do they smell amazing, but they really complement my living room! It’s so hard to find candles that last & have a strong scent, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

Ordered online, arrived at my door the next morning! Amazing long-lasting scents!

Your classic lemon grass ginger root scent is seriously the most excellent thing I have smelt. Thank you

I was gifted your Camilla Honeysuckle Soy Candle with cloche on the health of my husband and it smells amazing and the burning quality is great. Good job Le Desire

I have used a lot of candles. And just want to say your Desire Fragrance Soy Candles are absolutely beautiful. They burn so long. And the glassware is amazing. Love Le Desire

I got your Maison black Mandarin Tangelo reed diffuser from Brisbane shop and now I put it in my kitchen. Omg it’s amazing. The scent is just so naturally beautiful

I was gifted your Peace reed diffuser and I could not believe the scent is just amazing. Most of the diffusers gave me headaches. But yours is so natural good

Hi, I have ordered last week, and arrived today, I just wanna say thank you, your product is amazing, it's the best compared to others that I've tried before, it's such a neutral small and not irritating, I have ordered another lot and cannot wait for it to arrive.

Kelly S.
Clo B.
Clo B
Kiany K