Floral Fragrance Soy Wax Candles

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Is there anything more refreshing and revitalising than the smell of fresh-cut flowers? If you like to bring the calming beauty of the natural world into your home, you’ll love the collection of floral scented candles from Le Desire, crafted from natural essences, fruit and plant extracts.

Whatever mood you want to create in your home, do it with our floral fragrance soy wax candles. Choose to evoke the elegance of a garden party with champagne amongst the roses, the soothing scents of fresh lavender and lemon growing in a cottage garden, the tropical aroma of jasmine and magnolia on a balmy summer evening or a touch of sophistication with black orchid.

Fill your home with realistic and naturally derived fragrances from our floral scented candles made without lead and using safe, alcohol-free formulas.