Soy Wax Candles

Infuse your home with delicious scents and a welcoming glow when you use a candle from our soy wax collection.

Whether you prefer the delicate aroma of florals or you’re searching for a unique and luxurious fragrance to complement your space, you’ll find the perfect piece here at Le Desiré. Every one of our high-quality candles is made in-house from all-natural ingredients, and our expansive collections contain a variety of scents that will appeal to a wide range of preferences.

Discover the difference a luxurious candle can make in your home. Shop our range of soy candles today for subtly powerful fragrances inspired by some of nature’s most beautiful scents.

Soy wax candles for every taste

Imagine stepping into your home after a long day at work and being wrapped in the calming smell of merlot or breathing in the relaxing aroma of orchids and magnolia as you unwind before bed.

With Le Desiré candles, you don’t have to imagine it — you can live it.

For almost two decades, our team has been creating tantalising scents and innovative combinations to appeal to a wide range of tastes and moods. Our delicate floral scents — including beloved favourites such as Black Orchid, Jasmine Magnolia and Sea Salt Freesia — gently perfume your space and create a soothing effect that will make your home feel welcoming and serene.

Our luxury range boasts the perfect gift to give to someone who enjoys the finer things in life. Find enticing aromas housed in lovely laser pearl-finished glassware for that high-class look. From a tropical Papaya Mango blend to the sensual combination of Pink Champagne Tulip, these luxurious scent combinations will fill you with inspiration and keep your home feeling fresh.

And, of course, we carry a line of classic soy candles for those who love traditional scents. Sharp and refreshing Lemongrass Mint can help energise and fight fatigue, making it perfect to put on your office desk. Soothing Lavender Lemon or Camilla Honeysuckle can create the ideal ambience for a special dinner, while our summary citrus and fruit scents are great for boosting your mood and revitalising your home.

Embrace the benefits of soy

Why do we work with soy? Because only then can we offer a truly high-quality candle.

Unlike other candle materials, soy wax offers a variety of benefits that help ensure we make — and you receive — only the best, most luxurious and aromatic candles possible.

Our soy candles are made from pure and all-natural materials that are safe and toxin-free, making them an eco-friendlier choice for your home and the earth. A slow, cooler burning also ensures that you can enjoy your candle for a longer time.

And, perhaps most importantly, our candles create the perfect receptacles for transforming your home with scent. The wax easily retains our signature floral, fruit and aromatherapy scents, releasing it gradually into the air. The result is an even and gentle perfume that will add ambience to your space without being overpowering.

Discover our range of soy wax candles today to transform your home and add a touch of luxurious beauty to your space.

Buy soy candles and home fragrances at Le Desiré

Everyone deserves the welcoming embrace that a luxurious candle lends to a space — and our bespoke collection of soy candles can help you achieve it.

Whether you’re searching for therapeutic fragrances to improve your health and wellness or simply want uplifting floral scents for your home, you’ll find them here at Le Desiré. Browse our collections today for home fragrances made right here in Australia and designed to meet every need, regardless of taste, mood or lifestyle.

Don’t see a product you love? We rotate our collections and add new products every few months to ensure that there will always be exciting and entrancing new aromas to try. Reach out to our team today and or browse our collections to fill your home with high-quality fragrances that will make you love where you live.