Essential Oils

Sensational scents. Spectacular benefits. Endless possibilities.

Discover our collection of carefully crafted essential oils today and forever change the way you experience home fragrances. Derived from only the finest natural ingredients, our line of oils features exciting and refreshing scent blends that are perfect for various applications — from aromatherapy sessions to home deodorisers and air fresheners.

Shop our entire collection of natural essential oils today to find the scent that speaks to you.

Embrace the power of natural oils

No home fragrance solution is more versatile than high-quality natural oils derived from powerful all-natural ingredients. Our line of natural oils allows you to combine scents, increase or decrease aroma intensity and add perfume to even those hard-to-reach spaces.

Explore the calming benefits

High-end natural oils are an exquisite way to help keep you calm, with blends that include many of the most common essential oils, such as:

Tea Tree
Ylang Ylang

Our aromatherapy natural massage oils are the perfect way to enjoy these popular oils. Explore our collection today and discover the dedicated blends designed to work wonders for your space.

Create your own wellness paradise

Our essential oils can be an intrinsic element in your health and wellness routine. In addition to adding essential natural oils to a diffuser machine, you may also use it to:

Add fragrance to cupboards and drawers
Create an all-natural room mist
Refresh stale carpets
Scent your clothes in the dryer
Neutralise food and cooking odours
Add refreshing and revitalising fragrances to your home

Discover our collection of entrancing essential oils

At Le Desiré, we design and create our products in Melbourne and rely on responsibly sourced ingredients from around the world to ensure you receive only the best quality oils possible. 

Our collection includes classic favourites such as Tea Tree oil and Lemongrass oil, as well as bespoke blends like Stress Less (a mix of lavender, lemon, orange and Ylang Ylang) and Revitalise (a blend of rosemary, lemon and peppermint).

Browse our complete collection today to discover the traditional scents you know and love or explore our designer blends to add to your collection. Regardless of your mood or preference, we know you’ll find something to enjoy.

Le Desiré: High-quality home fragrances for every taste

Whether you’re searching for natural aromatherapy oils, potent scent diffusers or a delicate floral candle, you’ll find it at Le Desiré. Since 2004, we’ve been providing luxurious home fragrances that will appeal to any mood, taste and space. Our innovative products are carefully designed using only the best ingredients, from high-quality soy wax to natural fruit and floral extracts.

As one of the leading fragrance providers in the market, we celebrate what makes us unique, including an emphasis on environmentally friendly designs, urbane colour palettes and — most importantly — revolutionary fragrances.

Every product we advance to our collection reflects our core values of honesty, integrity, and craftsmanship. When you shop with us, you can rest easy knowing that you're receiving an excellent product that has been carefully crafted to meet our rigorous standards.

Browse our collection today to discover a fragrance that will transform your home and provide you with an unforgettable aromatic experience. For assistance locating a product, or for any queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team today.