Aromatherapie Florale Collection

Invigorate your space with the natural floral and fruit extract blends in our Aromathérapie Florale Collection. Part of our exclusive range of invigorating home fragrances, this collection features gorgeous scents inspired by beautiful, captivating florals such as lavender and honeysuckle and the tropical flavours of lychee and lemon. 

Delight your senses with Aromathérapie Florale Collection

If you delight in the heady, stimulating scents of natural fruits and florals, our Aromathérapie Florale Collection may be the perfect collection for you. Wrapped in stylish glass houses, this collection is available in five glorious scents, each sure to envelop you in its intoxicating allure.

Take your pick from captivating Camilla Honeysuckle, Black Orchid, Purple Lotus,

Rosewater Lychee and Lavender Lemon — or choose one of each and truly wrap yourself in a sensorial and therapeutic aromatherapy experience. 

The 283g Aromathérapie Florale Soy Wax Candle features a natural wooden wick in a reusable, designer glass container topped with a parfums glass cloche, and the 250mL Aromathérapie Florale Reed Diffuser comes with fabric reeds housed in a beautiful, designer glass bottle. 

Invigorating home fragrances made easy 

Our convenient online store makes shopping beautiful in-home aromatherapy fragrances easy. We offer a range of online payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard and PayPal, and provide free shipping for Australian orders over $75. What could be easier?

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At Le Desiré, we’re the leading destination for high-quality, locally-made home fragrances. A family-owned company, we’re committed to creating aromatic experiences that are not only tantalisingly delicious but are also environmentally friendly and completely toxin free. Shop our complete Aromathérapie Florale Collection today! Have questions or need a little help choosing the perfect product for you? We’d love to hear from you — simply get in touch with our friendly team.