Aromatherapie Maison Collection

Wrap yourself in a world of beauty and sensory delight with our luxurious Aromathérapie Maison Collection. Part of our gorgeous aromatherapy home fragrance range, Aromathérapie Maison uses exquisite notes of lemongrass, blood orange, vanilla bean, ginger and more to bring you a truly captivating aromatherapy experience.

Innovative and captivating Aromathérapie Maison

Featuring a captivating blend of natural fruit and plant extracts, our Aromathérapie Maison Collection will effortlessly guide you to a place of delightful tranquillity. Featuring six sumptuous scents and a gorgeous visual aesthetic, this collection provides a beautiful addition to any space.

Choose from delicious lemongrass ginger, vanilla bean, mandarin tangelo, guava fig, crimson berry and exquisite volcano flower blood orange. Finding yourself spoilt for choice? Why not choose one of each and truly envelop yourself in a world of sensory delight?

Each 283g Aromathérapie Maison Soy Wax Candle comes with a natural timber wick in a reusable, perfumery glass container and cloche, while the 250mL Aromathérapie Maison Reed Diffuser features fabric reeds and a stylish designer black glass bottle.

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Along with being deliciously captivating, all our fragrances are made in-house, environmentally friendly and free of nasty toxins. Browse our entire Aromathérapie Maison Collection today! Fancy a little help choosing the ideal product for you? No problem — simply get in touch with our friendly team.