Floral Blend Reed Diffusers

Indulge your senses with premium floral reed diffusers that transform any space into a blooming paradise. At Le Desiré, our floral reed diffuser collection features enchanting aromas of Pink Champagne Tulip, Lavender Lemon, Purple Lotus, Black Orchid and more. Choose from a wide array of floral reed diffusers that will leave you rejuvenated and excited to spend time in your space.

Safe and flame-free

Our floral reed diffusers are safe to use around pets and children as they are flame-free. Unlike candles, they can be left unattended without any risk of fire or accidents. 

Our formulations are thoughtfully crafted without alcohol, fragrance enhancers, artificial aromas and colouring.

Discover captivating floral reed diffusers at Le Desiré

Shop our entire collection of scented reed diffusers today and let their exquisite scents infuse every corner of your home. For more sensational scents, browse our range of soy wax candles, essential oils and more. If you have any questions or concerns about our products, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.