Reed Diffusers

Take home the aroma of your favourite Le Desiré soy wax candle in an entirely new form. Explore our collection of reed diffusers today and discover a range of dreamy and delectable scents that will gently perfume your home from top to bottom, leaving you feeling refreshed, invigorated and excited to spend time in your space.

Whether your taste leans more towards warm and musky or a gentle floral’s light touch, you’ll find the perfect reed diffuser for you at Le Desiré.

A flame-free fragrance solution

While our collection of soy wax candles introduces elegant smells and a warm and welcoming ambience into your space, we understand that a firelight isn’t suitable for every situation. If that’s the case for you, you can still enjoy all of our luxurious aromas in the form of our elegant reed diffusers.

Each 160mL bottle contains enough reed diffuser oil to keep your home smelling enchanting for days on end. The reed naturally carries and diffuses your chosen scent throughout your space without the need for flame or electricity, making them a safe and effective way to spread a lovely bouquet throughout all hours of the day.

Set the mood with luxe aroma reed diffusers from Le Desiré.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up in the morning to the rejuvenating scent of pomegranate or lemongrass? Or fall into bed at night surrounded by the warm and comforting smell of freesia or peaches? With our range of reed diffusers, you can.

No matter your taste or mood, we have the aroma to suit. Browse our range of classic scents for long-time favourites such as Vanilla Bean, Lavender Lemon and Camilla Honeysuckle.

Are you looking for something a little more luxurious? We also carry a line of high-end luxury reed diffusers, hand-selected from our Le Rêve and Aromatherapy collections, as the perfect solution for those seeking to experience elite and exclusive scent combinations. If this is your style, be sure to check out the elegant Rose Lychee reed diffuser or enhance your space with the breathtaking aroma of our Jasmine Magnolia diffuser.

Or opt for any one of our sensational floral diffusers and enjoy the bouquet of some of nature’s most wonderful scents within your own home. Whether you prefer the refreshing tang of orange or the sweet warmth of lotus, you’ll find a reed diffuser for you at Le Desiré.

Long-lasting scents with an elegant look

Exceptional aromas deserve an exceptional look — that’s exactly what we offer at Le Desiré. With every design, we carefully consider not only the scent of the product but its appearance as well to ensure that your overall experience is never an iota less than completely luxurious.

The diffusers in our Aromathérapie collections offer a reed diffuser oil vessel that combines the traditional medicinal bottle look with a modern flair. Our eye-catching vintage-style reed diffuser is made from deep, richly coloured glass and sports a narrow neck to elegantly support your diffuser sticks. The result will look lovely perched on a console table, nightstand, bookshelf or wherever you choose to place it.

Our Le Rêve and Desire diffusers offer a more modern and streamlined look, with deep jewel-toned colours and a simple vessel design. Elegant lettering and tasteful traces of gleaming metallic elements make these bottles just as beautiful as the smells they contain.

Discover your new favourite high-end home fragrances at Le Desiré

Whether you’re searching for a way to add inviting fragrances into your home, an aromatherapy diffuser to support your health and wellness routine or the perfect gift for a loved one in your life, we can help. At Le Desiré, we make it simple to find and buy reed diffusers online. How? By providing only the best, highest-quality fragrance solutions possible.

Shop our entire collection of reed diffusers today or browse our range for other aroma options such as soy wax candles, essential oils and more. And if you have any questions or concerns about our Australian-crafted products, don’t hesitate to reach out.