Designed with both appearance and fragrance in mind, our luxurious, bespoke candle collections are aromas at their finest. Each of our signature collections is designed with natural scent combinations, creative vessels, and a carefully considered style that makes them a beautiful décor item as well as an appealing aromatic addition to your home.

All of our collections contain a wide range of scents and vessel styles. Whether you prefer reed diffusers or soy candles, the fruity fragrances and dreamy florals of the Le Rêve Collection or the sharp aromatic scents in our Aromatherapy Collection, you’ll find it all and more at Le Desiré.

Aromathérapie Florale Collection

Inspired by some of nature's most entrancing scents, the Aromathérapie Florale Collection utilises natural floral and fruit extracts to create home-changing aromas like Rosewater Lychee, Purple Lotus, Camilla Honeysuckle and more.

Our Aromathérapie Florale products capture the essence of nature in appearance and aroma. Both candles and diffusers both possess rich, amber-coloured vessels and decorative labelling that add a touch of elegance to the otherwise modern design. The soy wax candles feature natural wooden wicks and are housed in an elegant and reusable glass cloche.

Aromathérapie Maison Collection

Intoxicating, unmistakable aromas define the Aromathérapie Maison Collection, which celebrates some of the most delectable and potent scents that nature has to offer. This collection includes powerful aromas such as warm Vanilla Bean or inspiring, rejuvenating Mandarin Tangelo, with each scent made from natural extracts. Like the Florale collection, every scent is housed in an exquisite and eye-catching glass bottle or jar with a decorative glass cloche included with every soy candle.

Aromatherapy Collection

Surrounding yourself with pleasant smells can be an impactful addition to your daily health and wellness routine. At Le Desiré, we recognised the need for bespoke aromatherapy scents that won’t just make your home smell good but will make you feel more complete as well.

Our Aromatherapy Collection has been thoughtfully designed to meet a variety of needs, from stress relief to relaxation. Boost your productivity and mood during the day with Uplift or Nourish, or wind down for the night surrounded by the floral scents of Peace or Relax. The entire collection is available as reed diffusers or soy wax candles.

Eco Collection

The hand-poured candles of our Eco Collection are infused with natural fragrances that create surprising and sensational scent combinations. From the dusky scent of red merlot to the vibrant smell of tropical mangoes and guavas, this collection will transport you to amazing locations. Each candle features two German cotton wicks for an even burn and also comes with a decorative metallic cover to keep your candle looking fabulous when not in use.

Le Rêve Collection

How would we describe the Le Rêve Collection? Luxury in a bottle.

The candles and diffusers of our Le Rêve range are made from opulent materials. They feature luxe fragrances such as jasmine, freesia and lychee, which weave with other aromas to create an intoxicating and irresistible scent that will infuse your home with an evocative bouquet that will utterly transform your space.

A clean, contemporary vessel houses each candle or diffuser setup, providing the pieces in this collection with an affluent look that reflects and augments the exciting aromas.

Create a signature scent profile with pieces from our bespoke collections

No matter your taste or mood, you’ll find something that suits you from amongst our lovingly crafted range of Le Desiré collections. From dedicated aromatherapy candles to floral diffusers and everything in between, we offer scents that will delight your senses and change your home for the better.

Layer scents by pairing fragrances from one or more of our collections to create a signature aroma that is unique to your tastes. Or choose several scents from a single collection and rotate them as your taste demands. However you choose to fragrance your home, you can rest easy knowing you’re perfuming your space with only the highest-quality fragrances.

For assistance discovering the perfect scent or to learn more about our products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our team.