Since 2004, Le Desire has been an industry-leading, family-owned company renowned for innovative lifestyle ideas, aromatic enhancements and the highest standards of quality in home fragrance devises.

Now in the mature stage of our brand, the Le Desire family has continued to develop the unique essences and design the extraordinary products locally, like the triple-scented, chemical free, soy wax candles and the essential oils-based room diffusers.

Le Desire Lifestyle and Wellness praises highly in the virtues of product honesty, integrity, and diligent craftsmanship.  These qualities were illustrated by the creative Le Desire designer crew.  Our tradition of excellence, along with a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction and service, defines and fuels Le Desire’s strong brand loyalty today.

Le Desire’s devotion is purity, environmental-friendly, and excellent quality of products.  Each Le Desire home fragrance product is carefully crafted; combined with the latest manufacturing technologies.  Le Desire’s unique fragrances are mastered by our talented generation of merchandisers.  The results are simply pure and divine.

Le Desire Home Fragrance is highly renowned for its complex bouquets of exquisite and natural essences and sophisticated color palettes – important factors for all discerning fragrance lovers and wellness fanatics.

Today, our products are distributed around 3 continents and we are one of the best fragrance expert in the market !