Coconut Macaroon - Safari Soy Candle

$37.00 AUD

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  • Natural Fruit and Plant Extract Blends
  • Natural Wooden Wick
  • No Lead
  • No Artificial Colouring and Fragrance
  • No Fragrance Enhancer
  • No Alcohol In a Reusable, Perfumery Glass Container with Parfums  Glass Cloche
  • 283g Soy Candle

Proudly Designed and Created in Melbourne Since 2003

Experience the sweetness of the tropics with our Coconut Macaroon - Safari Soy Candle. This soy candle, masterfully crafted in Australia, combines the lushness of coconut with the delight of a macaroon, enveloping your space in a warm, inviting scent.

A blend of natural fragrance and Australian elegance

Our Coconut Macaroon - Safari Soy Candle is not just a scent; it's an experience. Made with all-natural, eco-friendly soy wax, it guarantees a clean, long-lasting burn, embodying our commitment to sustainable luxury.

Its rich, comforting aroma is perfect for those seeking a unique, high-quality home fragrance that captures the essence of Australia's natural beauty.

Uncover the diversity of Le Desire's soy wax candles

Each soy candle at Le Desire has the finest ingredients, ensuring a superior fragrance experience that soothes the soul and elevates the senses. Explore more from our diverse soy wax candles collection, where every scent is a unique journey, carefully created to bring the essence of Australian luxury into your home!

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