Bergamot Vanilla Iris - Desire Fragrances Soy Candle

$36.00 AUD

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  • Sophisticated Fragrance Blends
  • Dual Wicks
  • No Lead
  • No Artificial Colouring and Fragrance
  • No Fragrance Enhancer
  • In a Reusable, Glamorous, Classy, Metallic finish Glass Container
  • 350g Soy Candle

Proudly Designed and Created in Melbourne Since 2003

Bergamot vanilla iris soy wax candle — the perfect pause in a busy day

In the hustle of everyday life, moments of tranquillity can feel like a luxury. The Bergamot Vanilla Iris Soy Wax Candle invites you into a peaceful interlude, an escape where you're reminded of the simple joys and the relaxation you truly deserve.

The bergamot soy wax candle essence introduces itself with a crisp, citrusy zing reminiscent of fresh morning air. Soon after, the vanilla soy wax candle note wraps you in a gentle warmth, offering a cosy retreat. To complete the fragrant trio, the iris soy wax candle essence emerges, painting a picture of delicate flowers in full bloom.

Eco-friendly indulgence

As this is crafted meticulously with soy wax, this candle promises a cleaner burn, devoid of harmful chemicals. Each lighting of the Bergamot Vanilla Iris Soy Wax Candle is not only a treat for your senses but also a nod to eco-conscious choices.

Experience serenity with Le Desire

Light this candle and let its delicate fragrance transport you to a sanctuary of calm. Love the scent? Extend the serenity throughout the day with our Bergamot Vanilla Iris Reed Diffuser. It offers the same beloved fragrance in a format that consistently permeates your space, creating a continuous haven of calm.

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