Dream Fragrance Collection

Transform your home into a dreamy, scent-filled haven with our exclusive Dream Fragrance Collection. Bursting with an array of tropical, fruity and floral aromas, this collection is sure to delight, enveloping your senses and creating an inviting atmosphere that will last for hours.

Infuse your space with the luscious Dream Fragrance Collection

If you’re a fan of captivating fragrances that effortlessly transcend every room and occasion, you’re bound to fall in love with our Dream Fragrance Collection. Stylishly housed and packaged, our collection features tantalising scents, each reminiscent of a relaxed, dreamy state of being.

Choose from papaya mango's warm, tropical fragrance, the sweet and fruity aroma of apricot peach or the romantic floral scent of rose lychee, jasmine magnolia and sea salt freesia.

Each 255g Dream Collection soy candle comes with two German cotton wicks and is housed in designer laser pearl finished glassware, while the 160mL Dream Collection reed diffusers feature fabric reeds stored in shiny, pearlised finished bottles.

Le Desiré — your destination for dreamy home fragrances

Thanks to our convenient online store, shopping all-natural, quality in-home fragrances is made easier than ever. For convenience, we offer a range of payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard and PayPal, and free delivery for all Australian orders over $75.

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At Le Desiré, we’ve been producing high-quality home fragrances in Australia since 2004. A family-owned company, we’re passionate about creating pure, exquisite aromatic experiences that are environmentally friendly and free of harmful toxins and nasties. Browse our complete Dream Fragrance Collection today!

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