Rosewater Lychee - Aromathérapie Florale Reed Diffuser

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  • Natural Floral and Fruit Extract Blends
  • No Artificial Colouring and Fragrance
  • No Fragrance Enhancer
  • No Alcohol In a Reusable, Perfumery Glass Container
  • 250ml Reed Diffuser

Proudly Designed and Created in Melbourne Since 2003

Experience floral and fruity scents with the Rosewater Lychee reed diffuser

Introducing our Rosewater Lychee reed diffuser, where the romantic subtlety of rosewater meets the exotic sweetness of lychee. The combination creates an atmosphere that's both refreshing and serene, perfect for moments when you need a gentle aromatic escape.

Authentic fragrances for lasting memories

Every drop in our rosewater reed diffuser has been carefully curated to ensure the purest scent diffusion. The result? A lasting fragrance that subtly fills your space, invoking memories and creating new ones.

Broaden your aromatic horizons with Le Desirè

While the rosewater lychee blend holds a special place in our collection, it's just one of many sensory delights we offer. Should you wish to switch atmospheres, we have a range of other reed diffuser options. And for those who adore the rosewater lychee fusion, we've also crafted rosewater lychee candles to complete your fragrant journey.

And to give you an even better experience, you can enjoy free shipping anywhere in Australia for orders above $75. At Le Desiré, every scent is an adventure, and the choices are endless.

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